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Stop wasting hours a week browsing around! Easily find information in your company cloud applications.

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Google Drive






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What's the problem

Google Drive is great... but it's so hard to search it.

"We love to create documents in Google Drive. But we forget them just a week later and can never find them again."

Our biz info is scattered across 20 different apps.

"Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk, Salesforce... We operate across 20 apps and searching for info is so annoying."

Legacy SaaS apps are hard to search and use.

"Expired sessions, clunky UIs, forgotten passwords... I just want a very fast way to access our information."


Simple & Easy Search

Search your cloud with macOS app.

Rich Info Snippets

Google Drive Previews, Pipedrive Deals, Jira tasks and more.

Security First

Secure (HTTPS) connections and encryption protect your business data.